My name is Trishla Doshi and I am an aspiring Actuarial student just like You.

When I started Actuarial science, I spent so much time researching for Actuarial courses, which could help me in my professional career. Actuarial exams are universal so I wanted to do something EXTRA, which could differentiate me.

That’s when I decided to do an internship in my 2nd year. Long story short, after 7 months of applying, I finally had an amazing offer at Hdfc Ergo General Insurance as a Health Pricing Intern.

My first working stint involved tons of reading of Insurance products and doing Research.

After my selection at Hdfc Ergo General Insurance, I received 100s of messages from Actuarial students just like me who wanted to intern but couldn’t find an opportunity. They asked me for guidance, tips and I enjoyed helping them.

That’s when my hungry stomach craved for helping them in a much larger scale and thus, I Founded my start-up and designed my first course motivated by my learnings at my Short-Term Internship at Hdfc Ergo General Insurance.

Very soon, I realized that that wasn’t enough and I searched for Actuaries who were much more Experienced to design Actuarial courses for my platform.

At first, it was difficult since you are literally asking them to spend 10-20 hours of ideation and creation of courses for my Start-up. But gradually, I found people passionate about Education and who had tons of Actuarial Experience.

I aspire to create an Actuarial Education platform with Courses designed by Experienced Professionals in different Actuarial domains, based in different Countries to give it an International appeal.

I gave them complete freedom to design the courses and to take as much time as they needed.

Then, I realized that I also needed a new website.

From learning video making to coordinating with website developers; from messaging 20 people every day to convincing how my Start-up is worth investing time in; I learned valuable life skills.

I hope that these courses help students to start their Actuarial Career.

If you are interested to be an Instructor or just want to reach out, mail me at theactuaryintern@gmail.com.



Jacquiline Roberts Singh

Actuarial Consultant   |  MIA Online

Fernando De la Torre Corzas

Pricing Actuary | Gen Re

Logen Kanisan

Product Actuary

Jeff Blacker

Course Developer