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The Actuary Intern is a Start-up which provides Virtual Actuarial Internship Programs in different actuarial fields which you can complete at the comfort of your home.

Virtual Internship Programs are online programs containing a series of resources by means of videos and tasks designed to closely simulate the real-world experience of starting a career in an Actuarial or in general in Insurance field explained by Industry experts.

In a nutshell, this Program is designed to help students. By completing this Internship program, you will:

  • Ready yourself for the work that you will do as an Actuarial Intern/Analyst.
  • Build the skills and confidence that will set you up for success as you move from the world of study to the world of work.

Think of it like a risk-free opportunity to try out a career as an Actuary, the main differences are:

  • Virtual Internship programs are open to all students (no applications!)
  • The best part is, Virtual Internships are truly digital, you can complete them in your own time, from anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, not since you are not specifically working for the Company. Our goal is to help you build the skills and confidence that will set you up for success in your career, the experience you get from completing a Virtual Internship Program will be invaluable!

Yes! Virtual Work Experience Program is open access for everyone, even international students. You can do them regardless of your visa or work status.

Yes! – You can add it under Experience in your CV and LinkedIn profile.

You definitely can! – our Virtual Work Experience Programs are open access

The pre-requisites range from program to program. We provide beginner to advance level programs and try to have minimum requirements to benefit students. You can browse our programs to see individual requirements.

After completing the projects, you will be able to unlock Model projects (designed by that Program's instructor) which you can compare with your work.

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