Hi! My name is Trishla Doshi, I am an Actuarial student passionate about mathematics. You might know me from my #actuarialfact on LinkedIn where I post short Actuarial facts. I started writing these facts in October and at present, it has 760 followers.

I have cleared CT1, CT3, CT5, CT9, CS2 and apart from my internship at Hdfc Ergo, I have completed a Data Analytics Project Internship at KPMG. I am a member of 400 volunteer club at IFoA.

I was also selected to have my Interview published in the IFoA magazine, The Actuary in May issue under Actuary of The Future. I was a Student Representative of Mathematics and Statistics department at my College.

I have designed this course to ensure that it is the ladder between you and your dream profession. To ensure that other students also get a good head start to their dream profession, I have launched this Internship Programme in Health Insurance.

After months of searching, I secured my first internship at HDFC Ergo General Insurance in Health pricing. My initial days were spent on reading the various Health Insurance concepts, understanding on how to do research, etc. I came to a realization that students should have this knowledge beforehand and it will enable them to gain more knowledge in their Internship (even if it’s for a short duration).

Inspired by what I did during my Internship, I have launched this Virtual Program which can be completed at your own pace.


I realized there is rarely any Virtual Internship Programme for Actuarial students. No head start as to what to expect, the research skills required, etc. Not only that, except a few courses, there aren’t any courses centered on Actuarial Science too. To merge the knowledge and Virtual Internship, I have designed this Virtual Internship Programme.

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